Ease Your Mind, Lift Your Spirit 

Making Things That Little Bit More Okay Today

Right now life may be getting you down: You may dislike your job or be unemployed. Suffer from your mental well-being and your health. You may find it difficult to attract or maintain relationships. Struggle with the bills and to get out of debt. Find it difficult to deal with the loss of someone or something significant in your life. Or you may not be where you want to be or see any kind of bright future ahead of you.


This collection of over 400 life notes filled with drops of wisdom, empathy, and understanding covering a wide range of subjects will help you: Find inner peace. Get rid of the things that hold you back. Silence the negative self-talk. See life in a more positive light. Develop a no-limit mindset. Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. Overcome loss. Improve your career and relationships. And Live in harmony every day with the world?


"Fantastic Encouragement When You Need It!"

"A Book That is Helping Me Change My Life!"

"I Love This Book! I Recommend It for Everyone!"

"Written By A Man Who Suffered Greatly In His Life And Understands Trauma And Difficulty!"

"It's Very Beneficial To All On A Daily Basis. Anyone Suffering A Loss Through Grief, Bereavement, Mental Health or Just Unhappy!"

"A Must-Have Book for Everyone (Multi-generational)!"

"Whatever Page I Flip To, The Quote Speaks Directly To What I Need To Hear In That Moment!"

"I Keep It With Me All The Time!"

A better life, happiness is not the absence of challenging times, but the ability to deal with those times when they enter your life. Problems and heartaches are unavoidable. But changing the way you look at situations changes the window through which you see the world and everything in your life. While you don’t always have a say in what comes into your life, you do have a say over the way you live through it.



  • If a bad day’s getting you down reading just a few pages for ten minutes can give you an instant pick me to turn a crappy day into something that little bit more okay.

  • This book packs a whole lot of meaning into short, to-the-point inspiring sentences to get rid of the things that make you unhappy and bring you inner peace and harmony every day.

  • It will shift your thinking to prevent you from falling into a rut of misery thinking and turning tough times into a miserable life.

  • A daily reminder of how great you are, how far you've come, and how much more you've to give!

  • It will show you that many of the things that make your life feel miserable exist not in reality but in your head.

  • The gift of this book is that as you read it, again and again, you will discover that if you wait until your life is problem-free to do what you want. You will be waiting forever.

  • It will help ease your mind whenever you're feeling sad, overwhelmed and scared. Lovingly nudge you forward whenever the future feels hopeless. And reawaken your motivation and inspire thinking and action to start creating the kind of day and life you want to have even, in the face of hardship.


Whatever is going on in your life, whether it’s one thing that’s not working or everything, it’s all fixable? If you've had enough of how things are. Start fixing your life and stop merely surviving and start thriving?


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