“It takes courage to take that first step forward to something new and better. But in doing so, you make your way through your challenges” - Michael Nulty

When your life gets hard it’s easy to stop believing that you can be happy again. But what would be possible if you believed something different? Taking back your life starts with you. It's a battle of willpower: that part of you that wants to let go of the struggle and reach for a better life, against that part of you that’s tired of fighting and is fearful of what a new future may hold.


Getting back to living your life again, fighting those dark thoughts and feelings of anxiety and despair can make you think, that the road back, is too long, the battle is too great, and is it really worth it. But, what if you knew it was just one more step before you could see light and hope again in your life, you'd surely want to take that step, even if you knew it would be a hard one to take?


Michael helps you understand that every day, your life is shaped by forces you may not even realize exist or indeed are part of you. That beyond your struggle and bad experience you can access a better version of life, a life that is mostly unknown and inaccessible to you right now. He teaches you how to change your focus away from limitations and onto possibilities, how to create new beliefs, and restore and nurture your self-worth.


Michael shares with you, what he wished he'd known when his whole world collapsed and he went through his own very dark times and became imprisoned by his mind – how he was able to get beyond depression, business losses, financial ruin and attempted suicides to take back his life and create a wonderful new life that is full of possibilities, joy and laughter.


Your life is greater and bigger than any one moment and any one situation so, let your hopes, not your problems shape your future.


"Saved Me From The Depths of Despair!"

"Amazing, Captivating and Thought Provoking!"

"Must-Read for Those Looking to Improve The Quality of Their Lives!"

"My Daily Source of Motivation!"

"Restored My Self Belief!"

"Great Book~Full of Help, Hope and Honesty!"

"The Most Beautifully Written Book That Will Touch Your Heart!"

"Great Strategies for Self Help!"

"This Book Will Change You!"


There is something for everyone in this book. If you’re in a bad place, this book will help you heal. If you’re looking for ways to improve your life or grow, this book is for you. The author isn’t just recycling what all the “self help” books do. He shares his own personal story to inspire others that they can too get beyond whatever they need to. It is brilliantly written and includes steps and tools to help anyone live their best life. It is a gift and a privledge for me to own this book.

—  Carrie Fitzroy, Canada

Writing this book has already changed my story and will change your life. I will show you that there is hope even in the darkest of times. That you can get beyond your struggles and hardships of your daily life, a life that has stopped working for you now, to live a life full of purpose, love, peace and happiness. When you take a chance and stand up, again, you realize that you are so much stronger than you were before and so much greater than you ever thought possible.


Yours Truly,

Michael Nulty


Whatever is going on in your life, whether it’s one thing that’s not working or everything, it’s all fixable? If you've had enough of how things are. Start fixing your life and stop merely surviving and start thriving?


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