When life gets hard it’s easy to stop dreaming or to scale back your dreams because it feels like they are unachievable. You will get days when you want to quit. But If you also want something better you have to push through, persevere and believe in yourself and your journey.

Michael Nulty - Author

I use a combination of different approaches and not a one size fits all to support your long and short term transformation: I combine my years of executive coaching, studying psychology, behavioral sciences and my many years as a life and business mentor to unlock the answers within in you, to even uncover talents and abilities you don't know to exist within you today, hidden just waiting to be unlocked.


I help you acknowledge and accept your present paradigm – how do you honestly see everything in your life right now. I help clarify and define what it is, you truly want to achieve by working with you to identify your values and then aligning and realigning your values with the values of your goals. I assist you in recognizing the specific development areas, and the skills and strengths required to deliver on that new job, that first book, your own business, to find that something missing in your life or some other goal or aspiration you may have. I help you understand that getting distracted by life's challenging times is not the same as letting tragedy and traumatic experiences define you and prevent you from finding an alternative route to what you were destined to do and become.


To really get under the hood so to speak and to raise your awareness and question the assumptions, patterns, thinking, beliefs, and behavior you hold unconsciously I use Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) techniques coupled with Mindfulness known as (MBCT). Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy builds upon the principles of cognitive therapy - that what really upsets and disturbs us is not external events but the way in which we think about those events. It is our interpretation of their significance, the meaning we bring to them that impacts our lives the most. Through cognitive therapy and mindfulness, you will come to understand that thoughts precede moods and that false self-beliefs lead to negative emotional experiences. You will learn clarity of thought and to recognize and re-assess your patterns of negative thinking and replace them with reassuring uplifting thoughts that more closely reflect reality and your life goals. I will take you to a point where you are able to open the doorway to challenging and shifting your present paradigm, to begin transforming the way you see and feel about yourself and your life.


I offer mentoring as a way of making sure the changes you make stick. I recognize that when you have a history etched in (ANT's) automatic negative thinking, depression, lack of self-motivation, self-sabotage, these old familiar cognitive programs and processes have a way of creeping back in. I also use it to identify your evolving needs and aspirations as you and your life change. But most importantly Life Mentoring most provides that long term relationship, that very much-needed connection and motivation for you to stay on the path of progression by someone who's been there, done it and knows how hard it can be in the beginning to stay on a new path.


Finally, I will introduce you to a universal law that permeates every aspect of our lives. The law is simple and states that “like attracts like” and that our thoughts, emotions, and actions whether positive or negative will attract back to us in equal proportions the same positivity or negativity. You see your experiences tell you that your reality is made up of physical material things. But what you perceive as your physical material world is energy vibrating. You just have become accustomed to translating energy into meaning without ever consciously knowing it's happening


This may sound hard to believe if you are new to this secret law, The Law Of Attraction. But history shows that nearly all great leaders in business and politics harnessed this power to achieve great success. The popular movie and book “The Secret” really opened the doors to people who had never heard of the incredible power of manifesting. I first start learning about this law in the mid-nineties and have used it to create huge success in my career, finances, and general life. I even used it to help me write my first book and help me through my depression.


Here's the thing. We have all been pre-programmed and conditioned with negative paradigms that take time and persistence to change. Our conscious mind moves slowly and in order to effect lasting change, you must be willing to put in a lot of hard work to make it happen. The Law Of Attraction is only responding to what's going on inside you that's why getting your mind in order allows you to harness the power of attraction in your favour.


Going from thinking somethings are impossible to knowing you can make them happen may feel right now like a giant leap forward, but it only happens one thought at a time. And remember what's taken a lifetime to create won't go away overnight but it won't go away at all if you don't start. So today decide what you would like to be possible and begin creating a plan for what happens next. Over to you!


If you can imagine it in your mind, you can experience it in your reality 




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