Michael uses his speaking platform to move his audience to take life-changing steps. To lift them up and inspire them to find the possible in what they perceive is impossible. To make new choices so they can set their success in motion


Michael speaks in a manner that touches the hearts and minds of his audience. His presentations are insightful with tried and tested methods and powerful stories including his own life-changing lessons he’s been so fortunate to learn on his journey. Michael gives his audience the tools and skills on how to think, feel and behave to create the success they want in their lives and ultimately live better.  He encourages and empowers them to take their next step on the road to the life they desire.

Every topic that Michael presents is tailored to address the unique needs of each individual organization and of the people, it is intended to benefit. Each talk is suitable for any setting, occasion, or group size—including keynotes, seminars, or breakouts—and each can be adapted to any other presentation format that is required. The following areas are aspects of Michael's Transformational Programme and can be taken as individual speaking topics or combined into a transformational talk of your own choice. 

How To Find Meaning And Direction When You’re Lost In Your Life

How To Live Better: Your Role In Making Your Life Better

Breaking the Cycle: Coming Face To Face With Your Inner Saboteur 

Unlock The Power Of Your Mind And The Law Of Attraction

Coming Back To Life After Hitting Rock Bottom

Change Your Life By Thinking: You'll Never Be Greater Than You Think

A New Way To Look At Emotions And How To Master Yours. 


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