Our life circumstances can make us all feel broken at some point and in some way. But what really matters is that we get back up and put the pieces of our life back together to create a new beginning for a new life and a new way to live. It's important to know that no one lives a perfect life but we all have the power to live the best life we can


This collection of over 400 life notes filled with drops of wisdom, empathy, and understanding covering a wide range of subjects will help you: Find inner peace. Get rid of the things that hold you back. Silence the negative self-talk. See life in a more positive light. Develop a no-limit mindset. Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. Overcome loss. Improve your career and relationships. And Live in harmony every day with the world?



Every day your life is shaped by forces you may not realize are part of you. How beyond your struggle and bad experiences you can access a better version of life. Michael shows you how to create new beliefs, dismantle mental blockers, rebuild your self-worth and change your mindset to begin living a new life of abundance, success, and happiness. If you are down right now, know you can make your life better. Your next step could be the one that changes your life


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