Michael has spent more than twenty years as a highly successful business leader and entrepreneur. He has received countless awards from different industries for his work in leadership, sales, and marketing and he is highly regarded for his expertise and talents in teaching, enabling and developing the people that worked with him over the 20 years.  But at the end of 2014, he left behind this highly successful corporate career to follow a dream of his. But what started as an idyllic beginning to a very new chapter in his life ended up becoming a living hell. Beginning a life of uncertainty awakened dormant unconscious past experiences and old limiting beliefs, changing what he thought was possible into struggles and his dreams into nightmares.


Twenty-seven years after he attempted suicide for the first time he was there in that dark place again. Michael believed he was on the right path, doing the right things.  Now, unsure of who he was and uncertain of this new life he was creating, he lost himself, fell into a state of deep depression as his life unraveled around him.


Michael’s story is remarkable because in the midst of despair he found hope and a connection that changed his entire perspective and relationship with life. Michael calls this time his awakening. He was on his knees, down and out, ready to bow out of life but, in the darkest of those days, living in a cockroach-infested house and in the midst of his depression he found something, a connection, a small light, in what felt like a life of darkness. It was like his spirit, cried out to him. It changed his entire perspective and relationship with life beyond anything he had ever known or encountered before. He was filled with a knowing that there was something more, something better beyond where he was at that moment.


In less than two years Michael has rebuilt his life and now inspires and helps thousands of people all over the world to resist the temptation to give up on themselves, their dreams and hopes of ever finding peace and happiness as their lives fall into the chaos of dark and hard times. His work and goal now are to help other people rebuild theirs so that they too can know what it's like to laugh again, feel hopeful and see the life they once thought was impossible manifest into the life they live.



“No one is fighting the same battle as me – we all have unique stories and experiences. But you help me smile and give me hope on days I think I may never smile again” 




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