• When your life gets hard it’s easy to stop believing that you can be happy again. But what if you believed something different? Getting back to living your life again, fighting those dark thoughts and feelings of anxiety and despair can make you think, that the road back, is too long, the battle is too great..... and is it really worth it. But, what if you knew it was just one more step before you could see light and hope again in your life, you'd surely want to take that step, even if you knew it would be a hard one to take?Michael Nulty shows how every day your life is shaped by forces you may not realize are part of you. How beyond your struggle and bad experiences you can access a better version of life. Michael shares how he began a new chapter in his life, full of possibilities, joy and laughter after his whole world collapsed and he went through his own very dark times. – how he was able to get beyond depression, business losses, financial ruin and attempted suicides to take back his life. Michael shows you how to create new beliefs, dismantle mental blockers, rebuild your self-worth and change your mindset to begin living a new life of abundance, success and happiness.If you are down right now, know you can make your life better. Your next step could be the one that changes your life

Getting Beyond What Is. Taking Back Your Life.

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